The Play Store is your one-stop-shop for all your smartphone apps from the most useful ones for your messaging, music and movie streaming. Did you know that out of the thousand apps powered by Google, there are still various apps that can’t be found inside the Play Store? There may be security risks, geographical blocking, or even personal concerns of its creators.

Whatever reason it can’t be searched and downloaded in the Google Play Store, developers have found a way to make it available for public access. The good news is that you can download a copy of the app’s APK file third-party websites straight from your Android smartphone. Today, we’re sharing 7 websites and apps where you can download APK files.

APK Mirror

Known as one of the best-recommended sites for your APK downloads, APK Mirror is maintained by popular Android-focused website Android Police. Everything you get once you gain access to the site is safe and malware-free. They have very strict rules before someone can upload an APK file, for the safety of all its users.


Notably, the site contains crypto-signatures for the latest uploads of every APK that enter their site. The team personally previews the app to verify if it is made by legit developers. Once the app fails the validity test, it won’t be published and will be banned.

In addition, you are given the chance to get the previous versions from the app of your choice. However, you have to ensure that the automatic update option of your apps downloaded from the Google Play Store is disabled first. Otherwise, you will constantly receive a notification to update it on its latest version.

APK Mirror website:

APK Pure


Another famous APK source that you should go to is APKPure. The site highlights safety protocols on their homepage before having any APK file uploaded and downloaded by any user. They will match the function, tags, and creators of the app across all platforms to ensure that the app is malware-free and safe to use for any smartphone.

Each application is tested from its app screenshots, metadata, developer’s name, and descriptions which is directly pulled from Google. Many people who are using a device not powered by Google gets all of their apps from APKPure as it doesn’t need much processing before the app gets installed.

APK Pure website:



Claimed to be used by over 200 million users and 6 billion downloads since its creation, Aptoide is your best APK source of an app for cost-free premium apps plus many more. Many people use the site as their alternative to the Play Store. All Android software that you can find from its list is all free from malware plus older versions of the apps and games in case you need them.

Their team of developers is the first in the industry to utilize the technology of blockchain for payments, processing, and more. For necessary purchases, Aptoide is offering AppCoins so they can boost the revenue among their developers and staff. They are also known to have a very responsive e-mail based customer service.

Aptoide website:

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APK-DL (formerly APK Downloader)


As they pull their APK offerings directly from the Play Store, APK-DL is proven to be tested and safe by tons of users across the globe. Each user who decides to upload their APK installers must ensure that they have proper documentation from metadata, app photos, details, and videos. The apps from the list are categorized by function and designated properly, so users can search easier.

For each of the app that you can find from the list, you can find signatures of APK and SHA1 that can be used to verify its safety and authenticity. Like other options on this list, there’s also the previous versions of the app that may be useful for older devices.

APK Downloader website:



For all gamers who want to get an authentic app version outside Google Play Store, F-Droid is your next choice. All of the apps that are added securely and regularly checked are ad-free. Many users have also noticed that some of the APK Files available on the site are exclusively available from them.

Plus, each APK File has verification certification from VirusTotal and MetaDefender so you will get an assurance that they don’t contain Trojan viruses and malware. However, some of the reviews tell us that the previous version of apps added from the list does not function as F-Droid focuses more on the new batches.

F-droid website:

Yalp Store


Unlike the last ones from our list above, Yalp Store has no specific website that you can use. It is offered as an app for all users where it requires you to install F-Droid before accessing Yalp’s offerings. Once it’s installed, you will be able to get APKs which you can find from the Play Store. Despite the tedious process, you will be secured from any malware and viruses injected in each APK.

Notably, this is a good choice of APK installers and files for rooted devices as Yalp Store itself can push notification for background updates. Also, a Google profile account is not required before you can have APK files to be downloaded on your smartphone device. This means that you are free from the safety protocols of Google, so you need to be more careful.



After the US ban, Chinese electronics giant Huawei has been having a hard time dealing with the loss of Google Mobile Services on their smartphones. That’s why they are pushing really hard in making their own AppGallery a viable alternative to the Play Store.

As of writing, there are already thousands of apps available for download. However, there are still a lof of work to do because major apps are still nowhere to be found. The good news is you can download the APKs elsewhere and install it in Huawei smartphones without any problems.

Huawei AppGallery website:

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