Play2Earn games, which allow players to earn real-life rewards, have become a new trend recently, especially since most people are stuck at home and looking for new means to earn money. This category is growing with the introduction of a new game called Bengga.

Bengga players can earn in-game coins, which they can convert to real money. Apparently, it works like streaming app Kumu or the Grab App Rewards, where the more you use, the more you can earn rewards.


With Bengga, users can enjoy a library of games with hundreds of titles and more being added constantly. The games fall under the hyper-casual category. This means that they are straightforward to play, making them really engaging since you don’t have to be a real gamer to play them.

Bengga’s public beta opened last May 2 after a private beta testing phase. Their userbase grew by 5,611% during the public beta release without spending a single cent in marketing.


Bengga went with hyper-casual games because, as a study shows, people’s interest in this category grew by 72% since the health crisis started in March 2020.

Aside from giving players a chance to enjoy a large library of games, Bengga also aims to promote cryptocurrency and NFT technology to create game-centered economies, which can be used to earn revenue, increase brand engagement, and give gamers exclusive access to different items.

You can download the Bengga app for free on Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iPhones and iPad. It should also be available on Huawei AppGallery.

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