Brothers in Arms 3 is the most recent in the acclaimed World War Two series to hit Google Play.

The game, although visually stunning, has had mixed reviews. It is quite possible that this is due to its creator, Gameloft. Despite the criticism, this game still is successful based on just downloads. It has the kind of number many developers would kill for.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is a cover-based shooter based during the first World War. The player plays as Sergeant Wright and struggles through an adventure in the aftermath of Normandy with a group of soldiers. In the gameplay, it isn’t much different from the previous titles, so fans and critics know what to expect. The soldiers are upgradable, as is your weapons.

Brother in Arms 3 - Sons of War

The game suffers from many pitfalls. It follows the freemium model that most Gameloft games follow. That means, it is pay to win. Missions require energy to play. Players must either wait for energy to refill before playing, or pay to play earlier. On top of that, missions are very short. Most last about a minute. In addition, the better weapons are very hard to get and require much grinding. The easiest way to get them is to pay money for it. Indeed, it seems it is the only way often times.

There are some positive aspects though. The engine is magnificent. The graphics are amazing and the freedom it provides in your choices of weapons and teammates is great. Most importantly, the game is free to download.

Overall, Brother in Arms 3 seems to be lacking. It is a game to make money rather than for its users enjoyment. But if you’re fan of the series, it’s a great game.

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