Christmas is only a few days away, and I bet there are still a lot of things left in your to-do list. If they’re all about organizing parties and buying gifts, WeChat has you covered. A seemingly simple mobile app to communicate between friends, it has several clever features suited for your holiday needs.

If you don’t have everyone’s favorite mobile social app installed yet, WeChat is available for free at the iOS and Android app stores (download links below), as well as in other mobile platforms. It recently updated to version 5.0 and introduced new features, such as a sticker shop and mobile payments.

Holiday greeting cards

A common task in Christmas to-do lists is wishing well to people who have given profound meaning to a person’s life. Sending digital versions of your greetings is easy through WeChat. Simply send a photo or voice message to the WeChat Team in your contacts. The team will then reply with four (UPDATE: Now ten!) ready-made greeting card templates that you can share to family and friends.

Calling people away from home

There are unfortunate, inevitable times when loved ones won’t be able to come home for Christmas. They don’t have to miss out the occasion, though, since they are just one video call away from joining in the fun.

WeChat video calling

Organizing Christmas parties

Through group messaging, you can engage with up to 40 friends to set up a party. An online communication ensures that each organizer is aware of what everyone is else doing. There’s even a location-based feature to churn out maps of where you want to celebrate.

Shopping lists

Avoid the trouble of buying the wrong gift for someone by simply asking them what they actually want. WeChat’s Moments feature allows inviting people to post Christmas wishlists.

Preserving moments that matter

WeChat StoryCam

As with all significant events of every year, you must have the means to immortalize those oh-so-precious memories. With WeChat’s StoryCam feature, you can capture photos of memorable occasions, apply image-enhancing filters, and share these stories to everyone. You can even add watermarks, a real-time location, weather, date, and time so you will never forget when, where, and how they happened.

[Download links: iOS, Android]

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