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Facebook Lite now available in the Philippines

Because not everyone has the luxury of unlimited mobile Internet access, the best network coverage or the latest high-end smartphone, the Facebook Lite is born. And now it’s available in the Philippines.

Facebook Lite is an Android app that offers a lightweight and data-efficient alternative to the standard Facebook app. Whereas the latter can easily gobble up your data usage and requires somewhere around 30MB of storage space, the Lite version is friendlier to users on volume-based Internet subscriptions and only takes up 435KB of space. It also doesn’t require a separate Messenger app.

All types of Android phones are supported by Facebook Lite. Even 2G phones can use it. The app naturally has some compromises, but it at least has the essential features of the social network. These include the news feed, status updates, photo gallery and notifications. Download it here.

[Source: Facebook]


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