In two weeks, a new Android-powered smartphone will launch—the Axon phone. It tries to be all mysterious to generate buzz, but it hasn’t worked that well.

Because as it turns out, ZTE owns the Axon sub-brand. The company is currently keeping mum about this new line of high-end smartphones: the official website,, never mentions its parent company. A little bit of sleuthing in the site’s source code, however, exposes ZTE. Well, so much for that mystery…

What we know about the first ZTE Axon phone so far is that it comes in three colors: blue, silver and gold. Its camera is capable of recording 4K resolution video and has dual lens for fast auto-focus and the blur effect for backgrounds. Like the Asus ZenFone 2, the Axon phone has 4GB of RAM. It also claims to have a large battery and a lightning-fast processor.

Price for the ZTE Axon phone hasn’t been announced, but a contest rules page on the official website values the phone at $450 (approx. Php20,280). Actual selling price may be different. Expect to learn more about the device on July 14 at its New York launch event.

[Source: Axon]

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