Starting tomorrow, iPhone users in the US will be able to use Facebook’s latest app: Paper. It’s the new way to discover new content and stories from friends all around the globe.

Think of Facebook’s Paper as a news-consumption app similar to Flipboard and Google Currents, but the content is interspersed with stories shared by friends. Everything is presented in more fashionable way so as to increase attention span for each post, story, and image.

Customizations are also available within the app to cater the demands of users. When content from friends isn’t enough, for instance, one can subscribe to recognized celebrities and media outlets. Topics are quite extensive, including food, science, design, photography, and more.

Paper is the first product to come out from the Facebook Creative Labs. The idea is that instead of adding more and more features to the core Facebook app (which would turn it into bloated software), specific or single-purpose experiences are built into standalone apps instead.

For now, the Facebook’s Paper app will only be downloadable by iPhone users in the US tomorrow. While we in the Philippines wait for that exclusivity to expire, there are other alternatives to mobile storytelling. For one, WeChat’s StoryCam feature comes into mind.

[Source: Facebook]

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