For some android users, the built-in Wi-Fi tethering feature of android doesn’t seem to fit their style because of its lack of features. That’s why they search for a better and cooler app which can give excellent tethering capabilities. Today, I’ll give my review on one of the finest Wi-Fi tethering app in available in Play StoreOpen Garden.


I’ve been using Open Garden for a long time now and it never fails to satisfy me. It has those extras that the built-in tethering app doesn’t have. The main reason why I switched is because it doesn’t seem to support two connections simultaneously. Meaning, if I am using it in my phone along with a friend, both of are connection suffers even if I’m already on HSDPA.

For demo purposes only. It’s not connected.

In Open Garden, the internet sharing is painless and I even hosted 5 (or even more) device altogether and it was still working smoothly. Also, you can monitor your data usage as it is available straight from the app.

The connected clients can also be monitored and you can disable the connection of those you don’t authorize. Other settings include the Wi-Fi encryption, access control, client notification, and battery temperature condition. Actually, there are a lot more to discover within the Open Garden Wi-Fi tethering app itself.


The only thing I disliked is the not-so-fancy UI of Open Garden. The background is covered with a garden like image but that’s fine since it is the name of the app anyway.

For those who are interested in trying this app, please make sure your android phone is rooted otherwise it will not work for you. Well, that’s the only hindrance to other users but this is a truly incredible app that’s worth a try.

You can download the Open Garden Wi-Fi tethering app for free here in Google Play Store.

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