Monitoring your food and calorie-intake for a proper diet is a dauntless job, especially when you stay at home. Without a doubt, being physically fit through daily exercise is essential to your total well-being.

If you are an Android user and wondering how your phone can help you in being healthy and keep you motivated, here are our top 8 picks of Android apps you can use for fitness, diet, and calorie tracking this 2022.


Keeping track of the exercises you do while eating the right amount of food to maintain a specific weight is a hard task. The Cronometer app will suggest the most appropriate food portion, which is based on an exercise that you can make to burn all the calories. You can also devise your profile according to your body needs, particularly if you are pregnant or working more than 8 hours a day.


Cronometer is an all-around app with no extra cost. The common type of diets that are suggested if you wish to cut the carbs low and keep your belly down are low-carb, paleo, and low-fat vegetarian diets. It depends on your macronutrient needs, which is graphically shown on a chart with fat, protein, and carb breakdown with the sum of calories you can consume plus the minerals & vitamins you might want to take.


Lose It!

As one of the most downloaded health-tracking apps in the Google Play Store, Lose It! gives a daily food diary based on your body mass index factors such as age, height, weight, and body goals. The software customizes your calorie intake parallel to your exercises for the day through its history log. It can also give you suggestions for the best restaurants, groceries, and food brands for a proper diet.


What’s even better is the built-in scanner for the barcodes in your food packaging so it can simply record its calories and create a database that you can look at the end of the day. The next day, it will notify you of the graph created for your fitness level, which makes it more user-friendly. You are also given access to talk with the app’s community of users for motivation.



Reviewed as the newest functional apps for nutrition and diet tracking, MyPlate integrates the data from Google Fit linked on your wearable device, food barcode scanner, and water-intake every 24 hours. It gets the job done of tracking your calories by creating a logbook of the food, the steps you make on every grounds, and what part of your body needs moving for exercise.


The essential features of the app are given free for all Android users but may require a premium subscription for upgraded features and an ad-free platform. Its fitness section what type of nutrients your body already possesses with the remaining ones that you still need for your fitter and healthier version.



Ranked as one of the best calorie-counting apps downloadable by any Android user, MyFitnessPal generates a clear image of what your body looks like from all the calories you already consumed. Then, it can also display a picture of what your body will look like after burning calories by certain exercises that you can still do despite your busy schedule.


You will feel more motivated to reach your fitness goals as the app gives you a chance to speak with other users to compare your results at the end of the week. There will be forums about success stories and competitions for the biggest weight losers. In addition, it contains over ten million foods, dishes, and recipes you can read on.


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As a free calorie tracker, FatSecret features a nutrition database, eight chart, food diary, exercise log, healthy recipes, and fitness journals. Users can also take part in monthly and weekly challenges where each user can participate in competitions with a specific reward depending on the decision of the group. You can also create your private group for these challenges, share your diet plans, and schedule a time for an exercise.


The app has a scanner where you track the food you buy using their barcodes. Its homepage will display a complete breakdown of fat, protein, and carbs from your cheat meals. Users who submit their recipes are highlighted on the food database, which presents the net carbs essential for your next set of exercises.



Proudly made by a group of dieticians for their use, the MyNetDiary app has been recently improved to tailor fit the needs of individual fitness enthusiasts. You can get a basic tracker for food and exercise tracker and can be synchronized to your wearable device like Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. to monitor your steps.


Perfect for medical use as previously dedicated just for dieticians, the software will be able to keep some vital body information such as cholesterol rate, heartbeat, blood glucose status, A1C, and a lot more. Most users have given a positive review of the app as it is designed with excellent visuals and user-friendly platform.



Made specifically for medicine and nutrition students, the Fooducate app is offered for free in the Google Play Store. It provides a detailed analysis of everything you change or add in your food intake and exercises you do from simple to the most exhaustive ones. Consuming calories leads to a better level of weight loss with a healthier dietary plan without losing any of your favorite food.


For all those who cannot resist their favorite snacks and beverages, the software can provide you with customized methods on how to burn them with just simple exercises. Also, it will give you the days where you can eat your guilty snacks and the days you cannot. Plus, you get access to interact with the community for more help and better suggestions on how to cut those cheat meals.



Losing weight and keeping a healthy diet is interpreted in the realm of psychological approach when you use the Noom App. It offers customization for your current health standing and filters your preferences for food.


For example, non-vegetable lovers will be given the option of a ketogenic diet with the best exercises available to keep a healthy body and mind lifestyle. Furthermore, your mind will be conditioned and motivated as its creators believe the mind is always above matter, our physical bodies.


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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great app. When you go in for sports, you should carefully monitor your diet and your application helps a lot. It is necessary to correctly distribute how many proteins and carbohydrates you eat. And if you want to gain mass, you should start using protein powder, as there is little protein in food. and you will not be able to consume it in the right amount without protein powders