No matter what you do, there will always be situations where your phone gets lost or stolen. To prevent the worst from happening if ever your device goes astray, try this nifty little security app called GetIMEI.

IMEI is an identification number that’s unique to every device. That said, GetIMEI works by using another phone number as backup. If the stolen device receives the special code from that backup number, the stolen device will then send back an SMS message containing its IMEI. Of course, this won’t work if the thief has already gotten rid of the SIM card, wiped all data and restored the device to factory settings, or flashed a new ROM.

Getting hold of the IMEI increases the chances of authorities of tracking down your stolen phone. In case they fail to recover your phone, the IMEI can still be used to blacklist the device on any network. That means the device is rendered useless and of no value to the thief.

They say regret always comes last. Indeed, it would be wise if you install security or anti-theft apps like GetIMEI, especially if your phone doesn’t come with its own security features.

[Download GetIMEI for Android]

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