Google Drive Backup Sync

Google Drive’s new feature is for the computer folks. The new Backup and Sync for Macs and PCs is now official, after a few weeks of being delayed.

This new feature works pretty much the same as what Google Drive does in your smartphone. Only this time, it can now sync the enormous files in your computer to the cloud.

Backup and Sync can take your photos, videos, and documents and save it to Google’s cloud for safe keeping. This diminishes the chances of data corruption caused by possible system crashes and failures.

And since your files are now synced in the cloud, you can pretty much access it everywhere. The new Backup and Sync feature will combine Google Photos and Drive’s functions into one.

But of course, this service isn’t free. Google Drive will only allot 15GB worth of space for free, which is clearly not enough if you’re trying to backup the files on your computer. Hence, you’ll need to purchase extra storage space — and that’s where the cash starts to rollout.

You can check out and download the Google Drive Backup and Sync here.

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