Rockstar Games have been one of the most ardent supporters of smartphone gaming, having ported many of their high-profile games, like Max Payne and the first two Grand Theft Auto games.

And now, the third installment of the wildly popular GTA franchise has now surfaced for mobile devices. First outed in Sony’s Playstation 2 in 2004, GTA: San Andreas had been one of the most successful (and controversial, i.e. Hot Coffee) games, not just in the franchise, but in the history of gaming as well (Trivia: it’s the most successful game in the PS2). And now, it’s available for our smartphones and tablets.

The iOS gets first dibs of the game today via iTunes App Store, although Rockstar Games promise that the Android and WP8 will be released via their respective Google Play and Marketplace next week. At USD 7.00, it’s a bit hefty in price, but you do get quality gaming in return.

[Download: Google Play]

[Source: Engadget]

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