The official mobile game of the new movie from the Superman franchise Man of Steel is now available on both Google Play and App store. If you feel like playing the role of one of our favorite superhero, then do check this out.

From the first look, it pretty much resembles Infinity Blade with all the combat thing and impressive graphics. It’s actually the standard of this type of mobile games, but I will help a lot if they did add something little different for us to look forward to. Throughout the missions, there will be instances where you will face the boss of the stage, upgrade your powers, and unlock various suits.You’ll be fighting aliens to be able to meet your ultimate opponent, Zod.

Man of Steel [Superman] Mobile Game flies to Google Play and Apple App Store

The Man of Steel mobile game is available on Google Play for $4.99 which somewhat high for this kind of game. You can download it here. For iOS users, you can buy the regular game for $2.99 while the HD version costs $4.99. Download it here.

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