Ahhh Gameloft, arguably the best Game Developer for mobile phones. The last Gameloft game I reviewed was the abysmal Iron Man 3. It was so bad it was the WORST game I have ever played. Seriously, Iron Man 3 for the Symbian OS was better than that piece of crap.

Now that Gameloft released another Game with a Title from a movie, I was hesitant at first to download it but it was free and it was minions, those cute mini parsle tongued creatures we ohh so love.

As you download the Game from the Playstore, it seems relatively small, after opeing you ust download a 50MB File. Finally, I was able to play the game! Wohoo! And  not really to my surprise it is a runner Game, like Iron Man 3 and Temple Run and all those runner games out in the Playstore. You wouldn’t believe how many runners there are on the market. So, is this Runner a game to play or just a cheap rip-off from Temple Run’s success? Read on and Find out!


Yeah, I pretty much answered my question immediately but this is one point any potential player must see. It is a runner game with lots of things to separate it from the others. Here are some of the things that may serenade you into playing the Game:

  • Amazing Intro – Right of the bat, the game shows you a clip show showing those cute minions. It’s actually very entertaining and cute on the first few runs. You can’t get enough of minions.
  • Attractive Main Menu – A lot of games have simplistic main menu but this Minion Rush might have the best one yet. You have Play, Shop, Social, Costumes, Goals and Options. It also shows you the costume of your minion and each has their own actions. Baby Sucks his pacifier and flaps his arms, Referee acts like well, a Referee and blows whistle and does referee gestures.
  • Tons of Power ups – Powerups are standard for a runner game and Minion Rush offers no shortage and its variety is amazing
  • Easy Goals – Completing a goal increases your multiplier and the objectives are relatively easy to do.
  • Costumes- As of July 3, 2013 there are 9 Costumes available each with different skills
  • SOCIAL- This is no doubt the best feature Minion Rush has, connecting to Facebook amplifies your experience a lot.


I think I rambled on enough and I need to give a review on its gameplay, as you start the game there is a mini sequence before you can actually control the minion. The Game has two venues, Residential and Gru’s Laboratory. These venues are different in a lot of ways, Gru’s Lab is takes you to Gru’s Lab, duh, there tons of machine related traps like Rockets, Pipes, Electric Fence, a slide, and the most annoying, Saws. Gru’s lab is also the home of the Villain Vector. The residential, on the other hand, consists of cars, signs, hydrants and house and another villain which I will not say because it might spoil the movie. There is no easier venue as both takes some time getting used to, I personally find Gru’s lab easier.

Playing the game is just like any runner except you have three lanes to work with and you swipe left and right to change lanes. This game has amazing graphics which can be confusing at first but you can soon appreciate the background. What sets this game apart are the minions while you are running and the so called ‘Despicable Actions’ when you are running, you can increase your multiplier by doing the aforementioned actions via bumping other minions, destroying frozen traps and destroying the boss. The Power Ups on this game is also one of the best and most innovative since Temple Run. Here are the power ups:

  • Freeze Ray – Freezes traps, when frozen, you can run through the trap to increase your Multiplier
  • Banana Vacuum – Like Temple Run’s Magnet, it attracts bananas, the game’s coins
  • Banana Splitter – doubles the values of banana for a period of time
  • Minion Shield – Ummm, shields you from one trap
  • Gru’s Rocket – The minion rides a rocket for a short period of time, you fly over traps
  • Fluffy Unicorn – One of the game’s amazing addition as it takes you to a banana filled place and makes you tilt your device to gather bananas. Kind of like Mega Jump.
  • Mega Minion- The best powerup in the game! It Supersizes your minion and bulldoze over other minions. Tilt the device left and right to smash other minions, this is also the best way to increase your multiplier.

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If the power ups aren’t enough addition, the game also enables you to switch characters, though I have to point out that most characters are only unlockable via huge amount of Tokens which means you have to pay for most. Sad.


The first game I have played which was integrated to Facebook was Candy Crush Saga but I never truly liked that game. Minion Rush offers a unique Facebook integration that will surely make you play it online as much as possible. When online, you get to participate on weekly events, for this week, the goal is to smash through frozen obstacles as much as possible. There are a certain number of objects to be smashed to obtain some bananas, it does not end there as if you are the one who smashed the most obstacles in the world, you get 1500 Tokens.

This is a great addition for hard-core addicts! Another reason to play online is some objectives need it, like challenging your friends, having friends, etc. Lastly, what’s probably the best thing to play online is the constant battle and competition with friends. If a friend challenged you, you must overcome their score, banana or distance to win the wager. Its actually very fun! Oh yeah, when online, the game puts minions on points of your friends’ high scores. I find the idea of obliterating my friends every run is fulfilling!

1.    Graphics 

Right off the bat, you are treated to great visuals, vibrant background and cute minions. This is truly one best looking runner games to date.

2.    Gameplay 

It maybe a runner but it has significant amount of additional content to separate it from other runners out there. There is a certain feel with this game that make it seem like a completely different one from others.

3.    Sound

The sound is also catchy as the background music is catchy and the voice acting of Villains and Minions feel exactly like the movie. It’s so good I rarely play it without sound or headset attached.

4.    Replayability

Runner games are highly addictive nowadays, that’s why maybe Gameloft picked this Genre. But with the nice additions like Power ups and increase multiplier scheme, it’s a breath of fresh air to the genre. The Facebook Integration and weekly challenge is also a big plus!


Download Despicable Me Minion Rush

Do you like Temple Run? Do you like Minions? Do you want to prove to the world you are a great runner gamer? Do you like smashing objects and your friends’ faces? Then look no further than Minion Rush! This game is a breath of fresh air to the genre and surprisingly good! It’s also free! This is a game which can give you good times for a couple of minutes or in my case, couple of days!

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