IFA’s given us noting but goodies this year! If anyone says that traditional consoles are a dying breed, that person is greatly exaggerating (but not entirely false, either). Sony plans to make you a believer again (at least on the mobile front for the time being) with an update to their PS Vita.

The new Sony Playstation Vita model, PCH-2000, is 15% lighter, 20% thinner, comes with 1GB of onboard storage, and provides you with an hour more of game time (for those times when you just can’t put the game down). Once you’re forced to charge, you’ll be happy to notice that the new Vita makes use of the now-standard microUSB. This means you can make use of your smartphone’s charger and powerbank, making gaming on the go much more convenient. Kudos to Sony for this move!To top it off, it’ll be priced much cheaper than when the original one launched.


This more affordable price tag may have something to do with the new model sporting a LCD screen instead of the original’s OLED. Curiously, the new Vita is WiFi only, though it comes in different colors.

According to Sony, the old WiFi-only model will be discontinued, but not before it get a new ‘Game!’ Play pack bundle. The OLED-toting, WiFi+3G model will still remain in production.

The new Sony PS Vita to hit the stores on October 10 in Japan, with a price point of JPY 18,980 (or around PHP 8,290). No word yet on when it’ll be released internationally, but we’ll keep you posted.

[Source: Engadget]

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  1. That is very mura, considering the price of the original PSP as Php4000. Pero parang hindi nagdedevelop ng major games ang mga developers dito, compared to PSP, ang laki ng library ng games niya. In short, mas okay parin ako sa PSP.