Facebook Messenger is now more than just a messaging app. Since its launch, the Messenger platform flourished to become a standalone app — with some tricks up its sleeves that entices everyone to spend more time with it. But other than sending GIFs and playing Everwing, you can now send money within the app itself.

Facebook has teamed up with leading money transfer apps, PayMaya and GCash, to bring their services on the Messenger. This lets you easily send money to friends and family anywhere in the country.

More than that, this new service also allows you to pay bills, right at the comfort of your home. No more long lines, traffic, and transportation costs. Both PayMaya and GCash also offer prepaid loads, so you don’t have to run around your neighborhood when you ran out of credits late at night.

Filipinos are known to be one of the most active in social media around the world so this new service will not only benefit the users, but also both GCash and PayMaya.

To get started, head on to the Messenger app on your smartphone then search for PayMayaOfficial and GCashOfficial.

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