Waking up your iDevice with the touch of a button is fine, but what if you could do so with a double tap on the display? Try SmartTap.

A highlighted feature (and marketed as the Knock On) in the LG G2, the double tap by SmartTap works with the iPhone and iPad even if the display is turned off and in sleep mode. If you don’t fancy the taps, sliding up or down also works. See the video below for a demonstration.

SmartTap does more than wake up and unlock an iDevice (or lock by double tapping on an area sans icons and folders). With a bit of tinkering in the settings, the swipe and/or tap gestures can be configured to launch an app. For those worried about battery performance, the SmartTap tweak has been tested to have minimal effect on battery life. It only keeps the hardware responsible for detecting touch inputs, the digitizer, awake while the rest of the device is asleep.

Yes, a jailbreak is required to the try the gesture goodness that is SmartTap, so there is some risk involved. But hey, this nifty tweak only costs $1.99.

[Download SmartTap: Cydia]

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  1. My lumia 720 has “glance” feature built in.. Why do i have to spend and jailbreak my apple ipad for this simple feature.?

    1. Because it’s not your Lumia 720? Dumb comparison. It’s a matter of personal preference. Nobody is forcing you anyway.