You might not heard of them before, but Snaptube has been around for quite some time now. It’s an Android app was made to cater those who are into watching videos online.

Snaptube is basically a dashboard client that supports numerous video sharing, social media, and pretty much any website that allows you to share and watch videos. Snaptube lets you can access YouTube, which brings few important features that you can’t find on the official mobile app.


The app also supports other well-known websites such as Vimeo and Daily Motion. In addition, it has access to the big three in the social media space — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We also spotted other well-known content producers such as Vevo and Funny or Die.

Snaptube boasts a clean and straightforward interface. It is divided into three different tabs. The “For You” section houses the trending and suggested YouTube videos that the app thinks you’d like. The Trending tab shows the most-watched videos on the platforms at the moment.

On the other hand, the Channels tab shows emerging content creators or some channels that Snaptube thinks you might like.


Most of the displayed videos come directly from YouTube. Once you open a clip, you’d be greeted by an interface similar to the actual YouTube app. You can hit like, dislike, or even share the video.

You can also watch videos in all its high definition glory. As you all know, a lot of content creators have put a lot of hard work into producing their videos. Other than the actual subject of the video, producers spend a lot of time in making sure it’s being captured and projected in the best possible quality.

Download Snaptube

Download the Snaptube Android app here.

The app also prepared video suggestions at the bottom, which you can opt to autoplay once the video is finished, acting like a pre-curated playlist.

Like I said earlier, Snaptube also lets you access other websites. The list of compatible platforms are displayed right in the dashboard, so you can access it quickly when you fire up the app.

For one, tapping the Facebook icon will open an in-house web browser. This lets you access Facebook in a traditional fashion. You can see different posts (not just videos), hit like, type comments, and more.


But if you want to watch high-quality videos, you can check out Vimeo. This website allows content creators to upload their videos without the nasty compression that the likes of YouTube and others are doing.

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Other than the access to numerous websites, the app interfaces itself as other handy features. For one, there’s the Night Mode that turns the entire UI to black. So it doesn’t hurt your eyes when browsing at night.


Snaptube also said that the advertisements have been greatly reduced. Which is nice to hear as you’re safe from the annoying ads that pops-up every time.

Overall, I think the Snaptube app is a really powerful tool for Android users. It is like a one-stop-shop for watching random internet videos, as you can access different platforms in just one app.

If you’re into watching cool, trending clips online, or you love to jam out on different live music recordings, having a single app to binge watch all those is really convenient.

As of the moment, Snaptube is only available for Android devices. You can get it on Uptodown, Aptoide, or through their official website.

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