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Best Free Android Multiplayer Games You Can Play Offline

Best Free Android Multiplayer Games Offline noypigeeks

Many mobile game developers are slowly shifting from the offline format into online to cater for a wider audience. All you need is a single device and a stable internet connection and you are already good to go. But, while it has its perks, there is also a downside to an online-only gaming experience: without an internet connection or, in the case of an unstable internet, you will be seriously hampered as far as amusement goes.

Those living in the rural areas or those from a developing country truly know what it meant to have a crappy internet connection. And so, for these people, going for the traditional gaming format is more preferred than being online. This means sticking to a local connection such as a local area network or Bluetooth when going for a multiplayer experience.

Luckily, there are also those game developers who had this problem in mind and, as such, had developed games for the traditionalist who simply had no other way about gaming but to play offline multiplayer Android games with friends.

Listed here are some notable offline Android multiplayer games which you and your friends can play with a single or two devices at the same time.

10 Free Offline Android Multiplayer Games



Having played Bomberman before, you should already be familiar with the concept of BombSquad. But unlike Bomberman, BombSquad is less linear and offers more freedom of movement. This level of freedom in the gameplay is thanks to the full 3D environment to which the game was designed.

Moreover, the game features multiple gameplay modes which make the multiplayer experience as exciting as possible.



Basically a side-scrolling game, Badland is about trying to survive a trap-infested forest by yourself or with the aid of your friends.

You do not need more than a single device to enjoy this game with some friends. Designed with multiplayer in mind, you can play with up to 3 friends at a time with this game. Obviously, the bigger the device which will run the game, the more suited it is for multiple hands to play on. A 10-inch tablet is a significant boon for this game.


Air Glow Hockey

Playing air hockey in a device did not come as colorful as the Air Glow Hockey. But while its aesthetics may not particularly stand out, the game offers enough amusement for two unique players under a single device.



Pair up with a friend’s Android device and play a retro bullet-shooting game with Dual. In this game, you and your friend take on the role of a pixelated spaceship with the goal of outshooting one another for the win.

For more challenge, it is best to keep a distance while making blind shots at one another.


Chain Reaction

This is a game about colors and dominating other spaces with the color you represent. How it works is simple: stack four of the same colors in a single cube and it will explode. Consequently, the color of the affected dots will shift to your color.

This may sound easy enough to do with a small number of players. However, the difficulty rises with more players in tow.


Pocket Tanks

Adapted from the original Amiga game by Adam Welch, Pocket Tanks is a single device-only game which pit you in a one-on-one battle with a tank. Unless you missed out on this game, you can get an idea of how this game works by thinking of the game Worms.

While the graphics are both simple and amazing, the gameplay element has more depth to it than it looks.



Similar to Micro Battles, but this time dealing with a lot of focus and fast reflex, Reactor is about having the chance to act upon the game and be fast enough to execute it. Of course, this is more than just acting on impulse, some in-game tasks require you to think fast enough to outwit your opponent.

Furthermore, like Micro Battles, this game only requires a single device to run.



Spaceteam is essentially about teamwork and the result of the quality of it. Without this critical element, the outcome of the game is surely a mess. How can not that be the case when the instruction of the game does not come directly from your device’s screen but on your teammate?

As a premise, Spaceteam is about a group of astronauts who had to make an intergalactic flight but, for some reason, are not directly getting the instructions about it. Instead, one of your playmates provide instructions which are then relayed directly to corresponding players.

Literally, you and your teammate’s ability to heed instructions is imperative to the success of each gameplay.


Micro Battles

If you like playing Mario Party on a Nintendo console, except that you do not have the console or the game, there is a game in your mobile that somewhat resembles the game, albeit in the most retro possible: Micro Battles.

Do not let the description, however, fool you into thinking that there is a Mario Party vibe to this game in the visuals. It’s only the competitive nature of the game that is giving such. The game is, in fact, overly simplified there is only a single button for each player in the device. Overcoming an opponent is simply a matter of timing on the button presses, not how fast your reflex is.


Curve Wars

Think of this game as playing Snake. Only this time, you are playing with friends with their own snakes to move left and right. But like in Snake, you are not allowed to touch your opponents’ snakes or reach the border.

With a limited screen to move around, the game gets exponentially challenging as the game progresses. And with a screen that is inevitably running out of space, only one could remain victorious in the game.

That’s it! Playing offline multiplayer games on Android is really fun and easy. Did we miss anything? If you have suggestions, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.

My favorite among all these games is BombSquad. It’s really exciting to play and it can be played on multiple devices synced together which is a huge plus.

How about you? Which one do you like the most?


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