Spotify just released the new Premium Duo plan specifically for two people.

The new Spotify Premium Duo is perfect for couples who want to share an account and save money. Two people with two separate Spotify accounts can share one monthly subscription.

What’s interesting is, Spotify is also introducing a special Duo Mix playlist. It’s a curation of music that you and your partner likes and listens regularly. A great way to share your love for music.

The idea is, couples who are together at home, on a road trip, and whatnot can listen to a playlist they can both enjoy. Users can opt to play a Duo Mix of chill music if you’re just lounging at home, or upbeat songs if you’re out.

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Those who already have an individual of family account can easily switch to Spotify Premium Duo. By switching, you keep your saved music, playlist, and recommendations.

Oh, and if a falling apart happens, you can cancel your Premium Duo subscription anytime. The Spotify Premium Duo plan is now available in the Philippines for Php169 per month. Those who haven’t tried any Spotify Premium plan can get the first month for free.

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