There’s no denying that Spotify is one of the most, if not the most popular music streaming service in the world.

As of writing, this Stockholm-based music streaming has 286 million users, with 130 million of them has a paid subscription, since Spotify was conceived 11 years ago back in October 2008.

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Even after the release of Apple Music, a new challenger from a giant company, Spotify managed to be a household name in the audio streaming industry. It works on almost all platforms: from Android and iOS smartphones/tablets, Windows PC, Mac, or any other device that has web access.

It’s so popular that the company has created different monthly plans, for different types of people, that will fit their budget. Just recently, Spotify added the new Duo plan in their existing Free, Student, Individual, and Family offerings.

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Comparison of Spotify Plans

Introducing different subscription tiers will help Spotify reach more markets. Each plans are made for specific people, with specific needs, and different budgets.

Which is why, today, we have a Spotify Premium Plans comparison to help you decide which subscription is right for you.

Play OfflineNo30 SongsYesYesYesYes
Play Any
Sound QualityHigh (160kbps)High (160kbps)Very High (320kbps)Very High (320kbps)Very High (320kbps)Very High (320kbps)
Special Featuresn/aMobile onlyDiscounted
for Students
Duo Mix
Family Mix

Block Explicit music


Spotify Mini/Daily Plan


This one is for those who just want to try Spotify or just need it for a day or two. The Mini plan will play 160Kbps High-Quality music and podcasts like the free plan but with no ads. You can also skip tracks.

The only caveat is, it only works for 1 mobile device and will only let you download 30 music at once. Still, not bad for a plan that costs Php7 per day or Php26 for the whole week.

Spotify Free Plan

free on spotify update

As stated earlier, only 130 million of Spotify users are paying subscribers. This means that a majority of its audience, about 156 million of them, is using the service for free.

Spotify makes money out of these subscribers through ads. With their volume, it’s clear that free users are very important for Spotify.

Unlike its first few years, Spotify is now treating its free users nicer. They can now pick what playlist they want to listen. The best part is, they can now skip all they want, something that freemium users can’t do before.

It can also give you suggestions based on the songs you like. Plus, a Data Saver option optimizes the music to consume less data. However, you can’t pick a specific song and save music offline on this free, no payment and credit card needed plan.

If you just want to listen to music at home or at work, and don’t really care to much of what specific song is playing, then a free Spotify account might suffice.

Spotify Student Account


The cheapest Spotify subscription may come with a few caveats, but it’s a big help for students who love listening to music while studying.

To avail of this Php75 plan, you have to be enrolled at an accredited university or college. Plus, you have to be 18 years old and above. And since it’s a plan made for students, a Spotify Student subscription is only valid for four years.

A Spotify Student account has pretty much all the features that other premium accounts have. You can pick whatever track you want on-demand, play music anywhere even without internet, and not be bothered with ads.

If you’re still a student, it’s a no brainer to get this special student discount for Spotify.

Spotify Individual Plan

Just like the student plan, if you want all the freedom of using Spotify, get the Individual Plan. By doing so, you’re unlocking the ability to save music offline and pick tracks. In addition, you will gain access to personalized playlists that Spotify created based on your music taste.

It’s affordable at only Php149 per month, almost three times cheaper than a regular Netflix Basic plan. However, we think it’s the least practical Spotify plan to get, and you can check out the other plans to see why.

But if you don’t want to bother other people to pay their share every month, then going solo for a Spotify plan will be more convenient.

Spotify Duo Plan

This newly-released plan, as the name suggests, is made for two people. The Spotify Duo was created for a couple who share the same roof.

It features a Duo Mix playlist so you can listen to music that you can both enjoy. You can opt for the chill tracks if you’re lounging at home, or the upbeat music if you’re out or have guests around.

However, you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to claim this plan. If you have a sibling, a cousin, or another person in your home who’s willing to share this Php199 plan, then you’ll save money as it will only cost you Php99.50/mo per user. Noticeably cheaper than getting an Individual subscription.

Spotify Family Plan

A family of 6 can share one Spotify monthly bill of Php239/month. Just like the Duo plan, it has a Family Mix playlist that regularly updates based on the members’ listening tastes.

And since it’s a family-oriented plan, users can block explicit music for the other members.

The Family Plan is also the most practical Spotify plan. For only Php194/month and with 6 of you sharing it, that means that each premium account will only cost about Php39.80.

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Solo or shared plan?

As we explained earlier, you’d be saving a lot of money when you have someone to share an account with.

  • An individual plan cost Php129/month.
  • Get another friend or family and only pay Php84.50/month.
  • If you can gather five more people, each one of you would only pay Php33/month.

Which Spotify Plan is the right choice for you?

If practicality and budget is top priority, going with the Spotify Family plan is the best option. Even if you’re a student, the payment you’d be sharing for a monthly Family plan will still be cheaper.

Even couples who want to create an account should still go with a Family plan to save money. As per our previous testings and some user feedback online, it doesn’t really matter if you live on the same roof. You can share a Spotify account with your friends and family outside your vicinity. Just make sure to put the same address in your Spotify accounts.

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of communicating with other users to pay their monthly share, then you might be better off going solo. A Php129 per month isn’t really that heavy considering all of the music and listening experience you’d be getting out of a Spotify Premium account.

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