The health crisis helped the mobile app industry achieve new heights. Now that the vaccine becomes available to more people, app installs have started to drop. Albeit, revenues have gone all the way up.

Android and iPhone users spent a collective amount of USD33.6 billion (around Php1.7 trillion) in apps just from July to September 2021. That’s from subscriptions and in-app purchases. A 15.1% increase from the same period in 2020 with USD29.2 billion (around Php1.5 trillion).


Apple still made the most money as the App Store earned USD21.5 billion (around Php1 trillion). That’s 13.2% higher than last year. Google is catching up as the Play Store increased by 18.6% with USD12.1 billion (around Php614 billion).


Of all the apps, TikTok made the most money, all thanks to Apple users. Although, the video-sharing app was only at the number 4 spot in Google Play Store, with Google’s own Google One at number one — the all-in-one service for Google apps subscriptions and cloud storage service.


Mobile gamers also spent 7.7% more money in Q3 of 2021 compared to last year. That’s a whopping amount of USD22.4 billion (around Php1.1 trillion). Android users were more generous having spend USD13.1 billion (around Php664 billion) on games, while iOS users came close with USD9.3 billion (around Php471 billion).


PUBG Mobile is neither on the Play Store nor App Store’s number one spot, but it still made the most money with USD5 billion (around Php253 billion) in lifetime earnings.

Source: Sensor Tower

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