Dyson has launched a new bizarre-looking product, the Dyson Zone. This one is a noise-canceling headphone that doubles as an air purifier with a futuristic look.

First, let’s talk about audio. The Dyson Zone has eight microphones for better noise cancellation. It then has two additional mics for voice calls. There’s also dedicated intelligent signal processing to help with ANC.


It then has 40mm custom-built 16ohm neodymium speaker drivers. For battery, it can apparently last for up to 50 hours with ANC and up to 4 hours with air purification. It then has sensors that automatically turn on or off the device when not in use.

You can play with different audio settings using the MyDyson app available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For the air purifier, there’s a contact-free visor that magnetically attaches to the main headphones that can cover both your nose and mouth for comfortable breathing.

It then has a two-stage purification system that can filter out city fumes and pollutants.


The Dyson Zone will be available in the United States starting March 23 for a whopping price of USD949 (around Php52,500).

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