Smartphone brands are expanding their product portfolio by coming up with audio products. One of those companies is Vivo, and they brought one of their first wireless earphones in the country, the Vivo TWS Neo.

It’s one of the many budget TWS earphones that’s available in the market. So the question is, what makes it different? Is it worth your time and money? We find out in our Vivo TWS Neo review.

Design and Build Quality

The Vivo TWS Neo is available in two colors. There’s the subtle Starry Blue color, and the one we’re reviewing, the Moonlight White option. We have to say, the color gradient that the first color has looks more interesting than the plain hue that we have here.


Still, it looks pretty neat nonetheless. Both the case and the buds are of plastic construction. It made the earphones really lightweight and easy to carry, but they definitely feel cheap. Also, the hinge on the case feels like it can get loose easily.

Vivo TWS Neo has an AirPods-like design, which shoves to your ear directly without any silicone in-ear tips. Despite that, during our testing, it did provide a comfortable fit, even during workouts.


The Vivo TWS Neo is also IP54 waterproof, but only the buds themselves, not the case. It’s enough to withstand sweats from working out or getting caught in the rain when you’re running outside, but be careful accidentally dropping it on water.

Interface and Features

There’s a battery/connection light on the top of the pairing button. Simply tap the said button, wait for it to blink, and look it up on your device’s Bluetooth settings to pair.


The pairing process is pretty seamless on any smartphone. However, some of its customization features are only accessible to the Vivo X50 and X50 Pro, and select Vivo smartphones.

It feels like the TWS Neo was created to be an accessory only to devices created by Vivo and not by anyone else. What’s worse is, the customization features don’t even work on all Vivo smartphones.


The Vivo TWS Neo also has 88ms low latency mode thanks to its Dual Channel Transmission 2.0. It also connects to your phone via the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard.

With that, we didn’t have any noticeable issues in latency or delays during our tests, especially when playing games or watching videos.


Just like most TWS earphones, the Vivo TWS Neo has intelligent ear detection. You can take one bud out, and the music automatically pauses. Put it on again, and the music plays back.

The TWS Neo also has touch-sensitive stems. You can easily slide up or down to adjust the volume. Double-tap or tap-and-hold to answer/reject calls, control music, and more. You can customize the commands on a compatible Vivo device.

Sound Quality

We’ll get to it right away: the Vivo TWS Neo is one of the best-sounding TWS earphones below Php5,000. It features large 14.2mm drivers with DeepX Stereo Sound Effects that helps improve performance.


If you can get a hold of its customization settings, the Vivo TWS Neo can offer a clear and crisp sound. The bass might not be as thumping as in-ear earphones, but the lows are still audible.

It also has aptX Adaptive support, as well as AAC and SBC. You can have better performance if your phone has support for these codecs.


On the downside, it lacks active noise cancellation (ANC), but we’ll cut them some slack since it’s hard to pull off on an open-style earphones that cost below Php5,000. On the upside, it does have noise filtration when making calls.

Speaking of which, video or voice calls on this thing is good. The party on the line had no complaints about the volume and overall quality.


Each bud carries 27mAh of battery, which can last for about three to four hours of music at a time. The carrying case has a 400mAh capacity, which can add about twenty to twenty-two hours of listening.


There’s a short USB Type-C cable on the box that you’d be plugging at the bottom of the case. The Vivo TWS Neo might have a small battery, but the charging time is relatively slow. A full 0% to 100% fill up may take an hour to an hour and a half.


The Vivo TWS Neo has a price of Php4,990 in the Philippines. For that money, you’re getting a pair of earphones with a true-wireless design, clear and crisp audio, reliable connectivity, and a long battery life with USB Type-C support.


However, the lack of ANC might be disappointing for some. Plus, you can’t take full advantage of all its features unless you have a new and high-end Vivo smartphone.

Bottom line, if you own any of the newer and compatible Vivo smartphones, and you’re a big fan of the brand, then purchasing the Vivo TWS Neo shall all be worth it.


  • Clear and crisp sound
  • Reliable battery life and connectivity
  • USB Type-C port
  • Lightweight and waterproof build


  • No ANC
  • Full features accessibility only limited to select Vivo phones

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