Genshin Impact recoups $100 million game development cost 2 weeks after its release


At $100 million revenue, MiHoYo was able to recover the expenses it took to develop Genshin Impact for years in just two weeks—coincidentally making it a massive success, especially as a title hailing from China.

A congregation of information from various sources claims that Genshin Impact has generated the $100 million profit, specifically in 12 days.

Free-to-play but features a gacha-like micro-transactions, this cel-shaded RPG has seen a massive adoption in East Asia as well as the US and Europe upon release. 


The success comes despite a controversial development where the game is accused for blatantly copying designs found in Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, much to some going into protest against the game during its early announcements in China.

Intended to be a live service game, it seems that there is a bright future ahead for MiHoYo as Genshin Impact sees expansion and more reception moving forward.


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