In a bid to combat car manufacturers from tracking and selling their customers’ data, a free app was developed that suggests whether their cars are being used to spy on or profit from them—the Vehicle Privacy Report.

The app reveals the kinds of data that the manufacturers are collecting and sharing, which compromises their identity and driving patterns.

Privacy4Cars, the automotive privacy company behind the app, made the tool according to manual and automatic analysis of the data collection policies that car developers adhere to.

To use the application, users will only need to enter their unique vehicle identification number (VIN), which the program will reciprocate with details about the manufacturer’s data-gathering policies.

As for the data themselves, the tool can identify pieces of information on biometrics, location data, identifiers, and data synced from mobile devices.

In a statement to Motherboard, Privacy4Cars founder Andrea Amico said that people never actually fathom their cars as an “electronic device,” setting the premise of how they can be used for getting valuable data without car owners being aware of it.

The Vehicle Privacy Report tool, according to Andrea, seeks to lift the “giant fog” that covers the dirty practice.

To access the tool, simply go to the Vehicle Privacy Report website and enter the required information.

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