Hilo One is a new electric scooter from a British startup claiming that it’s the smartest e-scooter in the market. Such claims seem to have credibility since Hilo was co-founded by Andy Palmer, an ex-Aston Martin CEO.

One of the key features of Hilo One revolves around safety as it uses a similar collision warning system found in cars. It has computer vision AI that can help alert riders of incoming danger, which was achieved using visual, audio, and sensory feedback from the handlebars.



The Hilo One has twin 350W motors that can achieve the regulatory speed limit of 25km/h with a battery range of 40km. Charging can be done at home or via the included in-car adapter.


Much like cars, it has support for Android Auto that lets you use navigation apps and displays other relevant information.

It then has full perimeter lighting for better night visibility — which blinks when someone is dangerously close. There’s also a large 31cm front wheel for bumpy roads. It even has an onboard chip to make sure you’re wearing a Unit 1 helmet.


Plus, there’s a control unit that integrates with an EV and shares charging station information and navigation.

The Hilo One standing e-scooter has a whopping price tag of EUR1,999 (~Php120,600). The company is now accepting orders albeit deliveries won’t start until 2023.

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