The Land Transportation Office (LTO) just announced that it’s bringing back special license plates if you really want your car to look special.

LTO made the comeback official by releasing Memorandum Circular No. 2022-2335, also known as the Optional Motor Vehicles Special Players.


The special plates can be used in cars, AUVs, SUVs, pick-up trucks, used or brand-new imported vehicles, and even commuter vans.

However, there are a lot of vehicles that are not allowed to have special plates. That includes private and for-hire cargo trucks, PUVs, service vehicles (car for rent, ambulances, funeral vehicles, tourist vehicles, hotel limos), as well as motor vehicles with more than 4 wheels.

Unlike before, you have to process it yourself if you want to own a specialized plate as you won’t be able to ask the dealership for it.

LTO specialized plates prices

3 alphanumeric, 3 numeric characters
any 3 alphanumeric combinations + triple numeric except 000
or 3 alphanumeric combinations + any 3 numeric combinations not yet issued
3 alphanumeric and 2 numeric combination except 00Php25,000
3 alphanumeric and 4 numeric characters
3 alphanumeric + 4 numeric except 0000
or any 3 alphanumeric + 4 number not yet issued

Requirements for LTO special license plate

  • Accomplished OMVSP application form
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of No Plate Issued
  • valid ID
  • Authorization Letter from Owner (for authorized representative)

Bear in mind that applications are still subject to approval. Plus, applicants with an exiting alarm or apprehension in the LTO portal or PNP – Highway Patrol Group will not be approved.

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