The Land Transportation Office (LTO) showcased a new handheld mobile device that enforcers will use to issue traffic tickets, and soon enough, to be also used to accept cashless payments.

As per LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Jose Arturo “Jay Art” Tugade, they will start distributing the new Law Enforcement Handheld Mobile Device to its enforcers, which can also issue Electronic Temporary Operators’ Permits (e-TOP).

Image: LTO

This will end the use of the manual TOP that is currently being issued to motorists that committed traffic violations. Plus, with the digitalized system, the violation will be automatically uploaded to the LTO online portal.

Tugade said that starting next week, LTO enforcers will no longer issue the manual TOP and violators will now get the new machine-generated version.

Image: LTO

The LTO chief added that the violations encoded on the device can no longer be changed.

For the second phase, once the LTO finalizes the cashless payment feature for the new law enforcement handheld device, violators can instantly pay fines using their credit cards or e-wallets.

Image: LTO


The law enforcement handheld device also features a camera and a fingerprint scanner that will help enforcers verify the authenticity of a driver’s license. The camera can also be used as a face recognition scanner.

To connect to the LTO online system, the device is equipped with two SIM cards for internet access. In case of connectivity issues, the device can still issue a traffic violation ticket. The recorded violation will then be uploaded to the system once connectivity is restored.

As of writing, LTO enforcers have already started field training on how to use the device.

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