Electric scooters are seen as a great alternative mode of transportation as they are cheaper and more eco-friendly. Now, a Chinese company is stepping things up by introducing a solar-powered scooter.

Jiangsu SnailZhixing Technology announced the Solar Scooter, which, as the name suggests, is a solar-powered two-wheel vehicle.



It’s essentially an electric kick scooter like we’ve seen a million times before. Only this time, it has a large solar panel on the front, which helps charge the 468Wh battery. The scooter has a max speed of 25kph with a range of 35km on a single charge.

Charging using the solar panel, as you might expect, takes some time — about seven to fourteen hours. For better reliability, you might want to get the variant with a charging port.

Like most scooters, the handlebars are foldable so you can put it in the trunk of your car. There’s a digital display that shows information like speed, trip meter, and battery life. The bike has front and rear brakes, a headlight, a brake light, a signal light, and cruise control. Of course, it’s rain and splashproof.

How effectively can the solar panel actually charge the battery? Will it make its way to the Philippines? Only time can answer those questions.

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