Two of Japan’s biggest companies, Sony and Honda Motor, have come up with a business agreement that will see both enterprises on equal split from an electric car sale venture in 2025.

Although certainly a big name in the auto industry, Honda, much like its rival Toyota Motor, has been slow in pivoting to electric vehicles (EV)—more sluggish even in comparison to other global brands.

But while the world in general is keen in adopting electric-powered means of transport, the real push to go EV for Honda comes from the investors who pressure the company to produce cars that generate no carbon and are built with modern amenities, like self-driving capability.

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Also, a renowned brand but in the technology space, Sony’s technological prowess brings the company on equal footing with Honda Motor in a supposed venture that will not only bring eco-friendly vehicles to consumers but also conveniences that are made possible by today’s technology.

Source: Japan Times

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