Even though some may have thought that Research in Motion is on its way down, they just managed to release a 10-minute long video preview of their new BlackBerry 10 OS. Although the demo used was only a Dev Alpha B device, we can say that it looks good even on an unfinished software.

The source of this video is RIM’s very own Regional Senior Product Manager named Claudio Roselli. Mr. Roselli has been so kind to spill out some beans on the features of the camera on the upcoming BB10 over the guys at Muy Computer. This demonstration produced the video which was quickly pulled off because it seems like Mr. Roselli wasn’t really allowed to reveal these information. However, as of this time, it was re-uploaded and is working fine right now.

There were several notable features that were showcased in the video such as the “adaptive” lockscreen, predictive keyboard, a screen that is dedicated for “efficient multitasking”, and the BB Hub. If you’re interested in seeing the Blackberry 10 OS in action, go on and watch the video above and let us know what you think. Can RIM come back and compete against Android, Windows Phone, and iOS?

[Via Android Authority]

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