Good news for Windows phone and Blackberry users! Viber, the very popular free messaging, photo sharing, and calling app from Androidand iOS, finally arrived to support the two other well-known OS. Viber said that they were getting flooded with tons of requests from users for them to adapt it to the two platforms that’s why they’ve made it possible today through the release of the Beta version of Viber for the excited users to test.


What’s nice about it is it can send and receive a messages and calls over the air which will not require you to load up because all you need is an internet connection. And it’s even greater because you can send international sms and calls too! However, the other user needs to have the app too to receive your text but there’s nothing to worry about because it is cross-platform. Meaning, even if you’re using differdent OS’s, it will work just fine especially with the addition of WPand BB in the line-up. According to reports, Viber handles approximately 7 million calls everyday from its current 70 million registered users around the world. And in a month, a whopping 8 billion minutes of calls is done! That’s FREE right there.The Beta version will provide the following dunctions:

• Free messaging

• Free photo sharing

Free calls

Wait! Why is free calls not included?

Since it is still in the development stage, Viber opted to disable the call feature because it is still not above company standards and may only give a horrible time for testers. Therefore, it will definitely be included in the final official version. There is still no statement on the exact release date but I believe it will be as soon as next month.

For the mean time, you can try the beta version here:

Download Viber for Blackberry

Download Viber for Windows Phone

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