Mothers who run their businesses as sari-sari store owners are getting some help with their enterprise as the BPI BanKo e’Nay app sees launch.

Born from the partnership between Innovaris and BPI microfinance arm BanKo, the app seeks to bridge the gap between store owners and supermarkets, including delivery services as well as access to the bank—all in the same app.

Innovaris is responsible for developing, hosting, and managing the app while BPI handles the payment aspect of the app.

To take advantage of the e’Nay app’s embedded payment system, users must open a PondoKo savings account, which will be registered in the app. The sari-sari store owner must also list their store address and link their PondoKo savings account as the method of payment.

BPI President and CEO Jose Teodoro Limcaoco, during the launch event in Makati, claimed that the app makes the procurement of goods easier from the supermarket. That is, orders can be done via the app for subsequent delivery while also making payments on it using their linked PondoKo savings account.

Founder and Chairman of Innovaris, Joey Mendoza, highlights the convenience of using the app, citing same-day delivery where orders placed in the morning or at any time before 2 PM are guaranteed to be received on the same day.

With over 30 branches across the country, the undisclosed supermarket ensures delivery of goods to stores within an 8 to 10 km radius. But more supermarkets are also being looked at to join the ecosystem to cater to business owners in far-flung regions.

e’Nay’s services will first become available in Bulacan and Cavite but will soon reach the provinces of Laguna and Pampanga. But plans to expand into other regions are also in place, becoming feasible as more wholesalers and distributors enroll.

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