Following his venture into cryptocurrency last year with the debut of the celebrity cryptocurrency called “Pac tokens,” Filipino boxing superstar and politician, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, is kicking off his own payment platform named PacPay.

Quoting on his latest venture, Pacquiao claims that Pac Technologies, his startup company, will start offering PacPay in early 2021 whose goal is to offer more convenient and safer international financial transactions for influencers, brands, and fans, including especially OFWs, than what’s currently available.

Aside from making it easier for adopters, part of the highlight of the PacPay payment system is the unique rewards program that comes with perks and access to autographed merchandise as well as tickets.


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PacPay’s future successful launch will draw strength from the established partnership between Pac Technologies and Monetary Authority of Singapore-licensed fintech remittance firm, Remsea.

While a business established to be for profit, the “People’s Champ” states that there’s a philanthropic side to PacPay. In particular, part of the proceeds generated from the established payment system will go towards various charities in the Philippines.

With a penchant for helping the poor, Manny Pacquiao is renowned for donating a portion of his earnings to the less fortunate, particularly in times of difficulty.

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