Anyone on the internet knows how quickly trends and memes can come and go. But there are some memes that get used by everyone and become cultural mainstays, so much so that they infiltrate normal conversation, very much outside of the internet. Think terms like yarn/yorn, for today’s videyow, and the now-overused sana all.

And now we add a new term to the list, one that has been on everybody’s lips in the past few months: Forda ferson. What does it mean? How do you use it? When do you use it? Read on further because we’re about to tell you everything about this newest Pinoy internet lingo. Forda explanation na ang mga ferson.

Forda breakdown

The beauty about so many of these trendy Filipino slang words is that they can be used any way you want them. They can be twisted and turned into so many different configurations, and it’s really up to you, the speaker, how you want to use the term. 

Forda [blank] ang ferson essentially means the “ferson” you’re referring to is into something. When you’re sharing with someone that you love K-Pop, you can confess that “forda K-Pop ang ferson.” When your friend loves to stage the perfect IG photo, “forda estetik si mars.” When you’re out with your barkada on a food trip, you can say “Forda kain na naman tayo mga ferson.” 

Some netizens can get really creative about how they use forda ferson in their posts or captions. Often, forda is only one of the few slang terms that they mix and match in their sentences all the time.

“Forda online selling na naman ang mga fersons for today’s videyow. Pa-mine na lang kapag bet niyo yarn mga misis. Ganorn.”

If you’re not hip to these new words, you might find yourself getting lost along the way.

Forda origin

If it took you this long to learn what forda ferson means, you are not alone. In the last months, people just started saying forda ferson seemingly out of the blue, and it also took us a bit of guessing and head-scratching to understand what they were trying to say. Soon enough, everyone everywhere is on the forda ferson train, and if it wasn’t for a little sleuthing on the internet, we would have ended up more clueless than ever. 

As it turns out, the forda ferson trend started out on TikTok from the user @chrishannaluisa, whose real name is Chrishanna Luisa Austria. Way before the trend was even a trend, Chrishanna has already been using “forda [blank]” and addressing her viewers as “fersons” on the app as early as March 2022.  

It was on June 2022 when the trend really caught on, when Chrishanna posted a TikTok of herself drunk, describing herself as “forda red girl.” And then internet magic happens. As of writing, the video has since garnered more than 24 million views and 2.6 million likes, and that 10-second sound bite has been remixed a thousand times over.

Forda viral

We know something has gone viral when it has escaped the confines of youth culture and the internet and it starts getting used by the general population. And that’s exactly what happened with forda ferson. Aside from young Gen Zers, we’ve heard mothers use the term (“Oh, forda Shopee ka na naman!”) and even in work settings (“Forda deadline ang ferson.”)

Why do certain internet slang words go viral while others do not? Who the hell knows, but we believe it’s a combination of several factors, including algorithms, comedy factor, and sheer luck. Everyone loves to use forda ferson because it’s a funny way to describe things, and it’s short and snappy enough to be used as a go-to filler word when you have nothing else to say. Forda mema ang ferson.

And most importantly, we think forda ferson went viral because of how versatile it is. Just like how you can use the all-around sana all in countless situations, forda ferson is similarly limitless. People use it however they want, and part of the fun of it is finding new, funny ways to insert the term into their jokes, TikToks, or My Day posts. 

Forda gets na ba ang ferson? We hope that our short explainer has shed some light on this newest Pinoy slang on everybody’s lips. Will forda ferson permanently imprint itself into Pinoy internet vocabulary? Only time will tell, but for now, it looks like forda ferson is here forda long haul.

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