With a performance set to go live later this month, Ayala Museum is announcing the Video Games Symphonic’s pricing and the specific time that its performances will go live for paying customers.

More specifically, the program is scheduled to perform on August 25, 2022, and with tickets that vary in cost, depending on the type of accommodation—Orchestra view, Screen view, and Virtual.

Offering the closest and most authentic experience out of all options is the Orchestra view, which puts paying customers in the same room as the live performing Manila Symphony Orchestra alongside Marlon Chen as the conductor.

Meanwhile, those who are just fine listening at a slightly farther distance can opt for the Screen view, which places paying customers in the lobby with a large screen, all the while listening to audio as they come from the source in the background.

Lastly, there are the Virtual Tickets which give anyone from home access to the experience via an exclusive live stream. Gates will open at 5:30PM.

For the pricing of the tickets, check out the breakdown below:



  • Regular: Php550
  • Discounted: Php440
  • Senior PWD – Php395

Screen View

  • Regular: Php750
  • Senior/PWD: Php535

Orchestra View

  • Regular: Php1,350
  • Discounted: Php1,080
  • Senior/PWD: Php965

As for the track list, the information is not available as of publishing. Although, audiences can anticipate listening to some of the popular compositions from classic games, such as Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, etc.

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