Star Wars fan or not, everyone knows Grogu, or more popularly called Baby Yoda. This cute little creature immediately captured a lot of people’s hearts. That’s why it’s no surprise that Disney banked on that and released different merchandise featuring this character. This latest one will hit your nostalgic strings as Baby Yoda Tamagotchi is coming out.

The Baby Yoda / Grogu Tamagotchi is quite similar to the R2-D2 Tamagotchi that became available last year.


This mini toy has a classic LED screen and three buttons for you to control everything. It features minigames that let you play with Grogu. One game apparently “changes depending on your play pattern with 10 possible options.” This special Tamagotchi will also feature different “special guests” and “appearances” that stop by and visits Grogu.



But just like the classic game, the goal is to take care of Baby Yoda. You have to feed him and play with him to keep him, well, alive. However, don’t feed him too much, as the Squid Chowder can apparently “jump on him”.

The Baby Yoda Tamagotchi Nano Blue has an SRP of USD19.99 (around Php1,200). You can also get it bundled with a special silicone case for USD27.99 (around Php1,600). Pre-orders start now but they won’t be available starting January 27, 2023.

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