Tamagotchi, the 90’s kids’ favorite gizmo, is getting a new look for 2021 thanks to Bandai Co.

The new Tamagotchi Smart transformed from being an egg-shaped toy to a smartwatch. It still has its key feature that lets owners pet their own characters, but with new features for the modern world.


It comes with touch functions so owners can pet their characters and even voice commands to chat with them.

Meanwhile, typical smartwatch features like pedometer, digital clock, notifications, and other are also here.

This year, Tamagotchi celebrates its 25th anniversary. Yes, that’s right, we’re THAT old. It was released in Japan back in 1996. It was a unique concept, hence easily became one of the most popular toys in the world, even to this day.

With the new design, this Tamagotchi is always strapped in your wrists as it doubles as a watch. Hopefully, no more excuses, so you can actually help your pet grow. The new Tamagotchi Smart will be available in Japan this November. Meanwhile, the international release is yet to be known.

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