The first triple-A game title made by Filipinos is in the works, and what more reason to show Filipino pride than feature Philippine mythology.

Created by a group of indie developers called Studio Enero, is a game called Balete City. The horror game will feature popular Philippine mythology creatures like Aswangs, Kapres, Sigbins, Tikbalangs, Siokoys, and Tyanaks.


The game will also feature lesser-known creatures like Bakunawa and Minokawa of the Negros Islands.

As per the developer, the game will be a third-person semi open-world RPG gameplay. But they did clarify that it’s not an online game, so there’s no multiplayer option. They said it would be like God of War, Witcher 3, and other similar titles — which the game was inspired of.

What’s interesting is, this will be a triple-A game. The developer said that it would be available on PC, Xbox, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and even next-gen console such as PS5.

However, the release may take another 3-5 years, which the indie developer said will depend on sufficient funding, office, and development team.

Today, official features and system requirements have been announced as the game is currently in the initial prototype stage.

To help develop the game, you can support them by donating or applying as a volunteer or tester here.

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