The open beta testing for the upcoming mobile version of Battlefield is now available in select markets.

You can now play the Battlefield Mobile open beta if you’re from the Philippines, or if you’re from Thailand, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. Sadly, the program is only available for Android users, but the developers did promise iOS support later.



The game finally entered beta after a limited alpha-testing phase. Although, since this is just the first beta, the game will still face a long development process and may not release as soon as you might expect.

It is said that the first beta will feature improvements in the graphics and gyro movements from the alpha version. The beta version will include modes such as Rush, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and Warpath, with other “special modes’ coming later.


Players then have a choice between different classes: Engineer, Support, Recon, or Assault. They can then level up to unlock more items and abilities. Meanwhile, map options include Noshahr Canals and Grand Bazaar from Battlefield 3.

Don’t get too attached when playing the beta version as all the progress you’d be making will be wiped out once the full final version comes out. Meanwhile, in-game purchases made in the better version will be converted to Battlefield Coins with a 25% bonus at launch.

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