NFT, or nonfungible tokens, are a big deal nowadays. So much so that a game developer, Big Time Studios, is releasing an online co-op action RPG that features NFT tokens as game collectibles.

Based on Los Angeles, United States, the developer revealed the first trailer of Big Time. The video also shows alpha game footage showcasing its combat, co-op action, an adventure storyline that covers time and space, and more importantly, NFT collectibles.

The trailer celebrates the launch of the VIP Early Access Pass that’s now on sale. This will give players a head start on gathering decorative and cosmetic items in-game.

For a quick background, Big Time will take players through time and space to meet some famous and infamous historical figures.


The goal is to reveal a mysterious threat that has been putting down the walls of time and collapsing history in surprising ways. Everything is set in an expansive online game that lets hundreds of players to hack-n-slash their way to the game together.

Players can enjoy collecting tons of loot. They can get different gears, mounts, pets, titles and ranks, and more. Some of these items are very rare that they can be sold, rented, or traded to other players — a transaction that can be done outside Big Time.


Big Time explains that players can get high-value NFTs items. For example, beating a final boss can earn players an NFT. Such items are for cosmetics, as the studio apparently doesn’t want to create a “pay to win” game where players can buy NFT gear with bonuses on gameplay.

The game will feature two types of items. The most interesting one is the aforementioned cosmetic NFTs, which can be traded for cryptocurrency or fiat money. This is why the studio teamed up with Binance.


Non-NFT items are also present, which can not be traded for crypto or fiat.

While a trailer is already out, Big Time Studios says that the game is still under heavy development, so changes may still arrive as the final launch nears.

Source: VentureBeat

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