A popular Call of Duty: Warzone streamer with an “impressive” record in the game was caught red-handed using a cheating tool, all while bragging about his skills. He got banned afterwards.

Twitch user “mrg0lds,” who have a 70,000 following and who averages 2000 views with his streams, was found having an illicit app running at the background of his computer that gives him unfair advantage in the game.

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The software in question is EngineOwning, which, according to its own developer, is about having “the ability win and enjoy online matches.” Which, as unscrupulous as it sounds like, involves bypassing the common limitations that are inherent game which it runs complementary on. 

Without the marketing BS, it is simply just that—a tool designed for cheaters to get to experience a false sense of victory in the game.


Found guilty after having been reported, Twitch deleted mrg0lds’ account for violating the platform’s community guidelines. It is uncertain whether the sanction imposed is permanent or temporary. 

Before establishing himself as “mrg0lds” in Twitch, the user was known in YouTube as “Tito Shalgam” who was infamous for committing scam. 

Via: PCGamer

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