Having a desktop computer that rocks with multiple shiny colors might be a surefire sign of a genuine PC gamer. But who says that it has to end there? How about a flashy room as well to complement the lighting from your glowing box, and perhaps, build your ideal gamer den?

But while cool varicolored lighting may certainly add embellish to any room, there are a few things to consider if you are truly looking to complete the setup.

Gaming chair

If you’re the type who, from time to time, indulges in gaming, the chance is good you would require something ergonomic to support your hobby, not impede it. The chair, specifically, is a major concern on this as it is the very same furniture that we spend the most time on when engaging in our hobbies. So, choose an ergonomic chair. Opting for an ergonomic will not only make you comfortable throughout your gaming session, but it will also ensure you’re free from unwanted injury afterward.

Blackout curtains

Having a well-lit room may be generally better for our eyesight. But at times, there’s something good when it gets a little dimmer for other lights to shine. Having blackout curtains will help you exactly with that.


Strip lights

If you are truly looking to extend the brightly shining colors that emanate from your desktop, then certainly strip lights are your jam. And Cherry Home Multi-colored Strip Lights can fill that gap. For only Php1,380, you will get the chance to express not only creativity but also your personality with this strip luminescence, which takes advantage of 16 million RBG lights that can correspond with the Cherry Home app.

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