The popular real-time strategy franchise Command & Conquer is making a comeback into the spotlight as it releases the latest addition in the series with Command & Conquer: Legions. This time, specifically on mobile devices as it targets mobile users who prefer to have on-the-go encounters with their game.

Developed by Level Infinite, with licensing agreement from Electronic Arts, Command & Conquer: Legions sticks with its RTS roots but with controls intuitive to its new platform.

Like previous C&C titles, Legions sees players choosing a side between good and evil, giving players two different perspectives on the game’s fresh storyline. In addition to new heroes and villains, the game will also feature familiar units as seen across the franchise.


Designed to be either a co-op or a competitive title, Command & Conquer: Legions allows players to play alongside their fellow commanders to share resources towards a common goal (co-op PVE) or fight against each other (PVP) in real-time.

Before a full launch, Legions is slated to undergo Closed Beta Testing (CBT) on Android devices later this year in select regions. Namely, Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Canada, and Australia. As of writing, it’s now available for download in the Google Play Store.


Level Infinite Senior Director Anthony Crouts said that Legions is “created with both mobile and mobile gamers in mind,” while highlighting its “shorter, faster sessions and streamlined controls”.

“Legions provides a new type of experience while presenting familiar units, heroes, and aspects of previous C&C games,” he added.

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