What do you get when you mix mobile augmented reality gaming with the meme-inspired Dogecoin cryptocurrency? Dogemon Go.

You catch virtual monsters, and in return you earn DOGO coins that you can spend for Rocket Balls (the game’s version of Poké Balls) and other items. If you hold on to these in-game credits, you’ll be rewarded with Dogecoins.

So, you know, it’s like Pokémon Go but with Dogemons. In fact, Dogemon Go seems to have ripped off or heavily borrowed a lot from Niantic’s mobile AR game that it won’t be surprising if Nintendo and Niantic will file a cease and desist.

Here’s the official trailer. It’s the so-bad-it’s-good kind of trailer with cringey music.

Dogemon Go is currently available on the iOS App Store. A Google Play Store version is coming soon, but you can grab an APK from the official website if you want Dogemon Go on your Android device right away.

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