After ruling the Asian qualifiers of the eFIBA Open Season 2, eGilas Pilipinas is headed to Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden to join the eFIBA World Finals, which will take place on November 25-26, 2023.

Having a flawless streak of 8-0 score, eGilas Pilipinas obliterated every competitor in the eliminations while beating Indonesia twice in the finals with a 2-0 score.

Of the opposing teams that the Philippines’ national team faced, India proved to be the weakest when it scored a mere 27 points versus the Philippines’ 159 points, setting a 132-point difference, during the Open Season 2.

Indonesia, meanwhile, demonstrated itself to be the most formidable in the roster from the very start, when it dominated Game 1 in all three quarters. But the Philippines pulled through in the last quarter, narrowly escaping a potential defeat in overtime with a single-point difference.

Game 2 eventually showed eGilas to be the more powerful team when it finally closed the event in just two matches with a score of 57-41.

eGilas Pilipinas Captain and Point Guard Clark Banzon, during an interview with ABS-CBN, gave credit to his team’s ability to pivot to fastbreak points from defensive stops.

Using NBA 2K24, each round takes 5 minutes of playtime, making for an overall 20 minutes per match, excluding overtime.

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