In a recently held stream of Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary, Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase unveils a total of three entries in the so-called “remake” project.

While the third and final entry in the supposed trilogy remains in the dark, the presentation at least revealed the second entry, which is dubbed Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

In the short teaser, therein shows the game’s protagonist Cloud Strife walking alongside the main antagonist Sephiroth while unveiling in a monologue the latter’s objective. Which, in a bit of a spoiler, involves himself and Jenova, and the subsequent fate of the world in the process.

Another interesting revelation in the video is the second entry’s release date, which is quite vaguely stated as “next winter”. In translation, it could be sometime within the last quarter of this year. Additionally, like the original and the DLC, Intergrade, the initial release will likely have time-exclusivity in the PlayStation platform, with a later Steam release.

Speaking of which, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade should already be released on Steam by now.

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