Are you a fan of conspiracy theories surrounding our home planet? Does the idea that we live in a Matrix (simulated Earth) appeal to your interest?

If so, check out this Harvard astronomer who claims that the Earth is possibly created in an alien laboratory.

Meet astronomer Avi Loeb who believes that, somewhere far away, a more advanced civilization created our universe. Loeb posits this by stating that these higher beings could’ve produced a baby universe through quantum tunneling.

This theory also draws the idea that beings of higher intellect could be controlling our fate all along.


Further, Loeb’s theory could also be suggesting that these alien beings possess the knowledge on how to create a universe through the concept of quantum mechanics and gravity—something even renowned physicist here on Earth have yet to discover.

Loeb continues by identifying classes of civilization; in which case we, humans, fall into class C because our technology is not advanced enough compared to those in class A (aliens) who know how to create universes.

While these might seem like truly preposterous theories, it sure does tickle the minds of (alien) conspiracy theories out there. So, what do you think? Are we really living in some ‘Matrix’ where our alien creators are merely observing us?

Source: Yahoo

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