Last year, Square Enix revealed one of its developing mobile projects, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. And in the recently-launched Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary, it appears that the upcoming title will be having a closed beta sometime this year.

Described as a title that will cover the entire Final Fantasy VII timeline, Ever Crisis is an episodic mobile title that will feature both new and familiar events seen in the game’s universe, thus far, while tying them all as a complete package.

But although the game’s cutesy design will play a big part in the overall presentation, combat is an altogether different showcase, giving players imagery that is completely similar to FFVII Remake, but with a return to the turn-based combat design.

In essence, aside from giving players a comprehensive picture of the FFVII world, playing Ever Crisis makes for an ode to both the old and the new aspects of a cherished franchise, on the mobile platform.

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